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The Acres Homes Community Advocacy Group aims to preserve and empower the community by educating residents, organizing for key health and housing policy changes, and addressing the immediate needs of our community in environmental health and overall wellness.


Acres Homes Community Advocacy Group (Acres Homes CAG) serves residents in the historic boundaries of the Acres Homes Super Neighborhood. We focus our resources on the youth, seniors, and low-income communities within Acres Homes. Our approach to engaging residents is based on educating and creating communal spaces for residents to gather, learn, and grow together.


The Acres Homes Community Advocacy uses education and communal gatherings to serve our community. We provide opportunities for neighbors to come together to learn about resources that can improve their overall lives and empower them to take charge of their lives.


Our focus is to empower current and future residents in Acres Homes to ensure every neighbor is Healthy, Housed, and Heard.

Our board of directors
Latisha Grant

Super Neighborhood Board Member

241781550_10165724895935385_5820493034582979172_n (1).jpg
Chandra Sterling

Board Member
Health and Wellness Sector

Tanya Debose

Founding Board Member

Jennifer Boley

Founding Board Member

Durrel Douglas

Founding Board Member

315099220_6055635847781183_6642790520603951137_n (1).jpg
E. Rain Eatmon

Founding Board Member

Three Pillars of Acres Homes CAG

Civic Engagement

Our vision is to cultivate a community where every resident is actively involved in shaping the decisions that impact their lives.

Health Equity

Strengthen and stabilize relationships between local, state, and federal entities to create a resilient community.

Housing Justice

Together, we advocate for fair and equitable housing policies to ensure that all residents of Acres Homes have access to safe, affordable housing, preserving the fabric of our community for generations to come

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