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Who We Are

The Acres Homes Community Advocacy Group aims to preserve and empower the community through educational training, organizing, leadership, and economic revitalization. Our focus is to establish stabilization within our community groups, preserve the history of the Acres Homes Community, and empower the next generation of residents.



Our mission is to promote neighborhood participation while gathering resources from the public and private sectors to address the immediate needs of our community. Engagement from our residents will create a sense of resilience and inclusivity between the generations.



An important part of taking care of our neighborhood is ensuring that our loved ones have someone that they can depend on and give them a piece of mind. Whether it is finding resources to upgrade their homes, after-school education programs, or dependent care coverage. Navigating these resources is the aim of the Acres Homes Community Advocacy Group

Our board of directors
Latisha Grant

Super Neighborhood Board Member

241781550_10165724895935385_5820493034582979172_n (1).jpg
Chandra Sterling

Board Member
Health and Wellness Sector

Tanya Debose

Founding Board Member

Jennifer Boley

Founding Board Member

Durrel Douglas

Founding Board Member

Brandi Fitzgerald

Board Member

315099220_6055635847781183_6642790520603951137_n (1).jpg
E. Rain Eatmon

Founding Board Member

three pillars of Ahcag


Partnering with Schools and education partners to encourage students to learn about the history of acres homes while addressing barriers to higher education and vocational training

Community Development

Strengthen and stabilize relationships between local, state, and federal entities to create a resilient community.

Historic Preservation

Identify tools and resources to protect the neighborhood characteristics while working with local and national partners to preserve and promote the rich history of acres homes

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