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We're Back AGAIN!

Calling All Creatives! Help us celebrate the creative spirit that flows within Acres Homes! If you are an Acres Homes Creative, come sign up and celebrate with us! 

Celebrating the Creative Spirit in Acres Homes

The Acres Homes Renaissance Festival (AHRF) is the premier cultural festival that caters to young creatives. Our platform was designed to be a catapult for apprentice musicians and artists alike. This will allow our performers the space to showcase their talent to the community at large. Our mission is to provide a learning model for upstart fresh talented creatives to learn the ins and outs of Artist development and receive consultations that will help them establish a viable creative career.

Before COVID, the predecessor, The Garden City Music Festival, had the privilege of hosting over 25 independent musicians, allowing them to express themselves to their community while providing them with the unique opportunity to learn and grow from others in their respective fields. With your help, the Acres Homes Community Advocacy Group relaunched the Artist Development Incubator, and empowered 15 independent creatives with tools they need to "Protect, Promote, and Profit" from their work. 

The Acres Homes Community Advocacy Group is committed to creating a network for Acres Homes creatives, and we will continue our efforts to support the creative arts through our Incubators, Festivals and future collaborations!

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